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File:01 - Create Test Plan.pngFile:01 - MTM Home.pngFile:01 - Select Test Plan.png
File:02 - Add Test Plan.pngFile:02 - Create Root Suites.pngFile:02 - Select Tests To Run.png
File:03 - Find Requirements Linked to Release.pngFile:03 - New Test Plan Details.pngFile:03 - Start Test.png
File:04 - New Functionality Requirements and Tests Added.pngFile:04 - Test Runner.pngFile:05.1 Plan Properties.png
File:05.2 Test Settings.pngFile:05 - Add Automated Tests.pngFile:05 - Entering Test Results.png
File:05 - Test Plan Listing.pngFile:06 - Find Automated Tests.pngFile:06 - Open Test Plan.png
File:06 - Save Test Run.pngFile:07 - Add Requirements To Plan.pngFile:07 - Find Stabilization Tests.png
File:07 - Tests After Run.pngFile:08 - Completed Plan.pngFile:08 - Failed Test.png
File:09 - Create Bug.pngFile:09 - Plan Properties.pngFile:10 - Pause Button.png
File:10 - Retire Test Plan.pngFile:11 - Paused Test Case.pngFile:12 - Paused Test Case in MTM.png
File:13 - Shared Steps.pngFile:14 - Parameters and Iterations.pngFile:15 - Test Results in Run Tests.png
File:16 - Test Case Results.pngFile:17 - Test Run Listing.pngFile:18 - Test Run Details.png
File:19 - Test Case Results with Steps Expanded.pngFile:Build Success Over Time.pngFile:Communitylogo.png
File:Esempio.jpgFile:Example.jpgFile:Example Good Test Steps.png
File:Favicon.icoFile:Forum new.gifFile:Przykład.jpg
File:Sample Excel Report.pngFile:Sample TFSWA Burndown.pngFile:Sample Test Case With Link.png
File:Sample WIQ.pngFile:Shared Steps In Action.pngFile:Stories Overview Report - Graphic.png
File:Stories Overview Report - Slide.pngFile:TFSWA - Task Board.pngFile:TFSWA - Velocity.png
File:TFSWA - Work Assigned.pngFile:TFS Web Access Charts.pngFile:Test Case Fields.png
File:Test Case With Data - Marked Up.pngFile:Test Parameters.pngFile:Test Plan Progress Report.png